Our Education Partner

Northwest State Community College (NSCC) has proudly served northwest Ohio for the past fifty years. Our mission statement is simple: To serve by providing access to excellent and affordable education, training, and services that will improve the lives of individuals and strengthen communities.

NSCC helps students of all ages by providing high-quality, affordable education and hands-on training in a safe learning atmosphere, to open doors to tremendous career opportunities that provide family-sustaining wages with great local businesses. NSCC closely follows county, state and federal safety guidelines with respect to COVID-19, to ensure the safety of our learners, employees and guests.

We also offer a great starting point for learners seeking a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) with our Bachelor’s Bound transfer pathway. With an average student age of 28, there truly is something for everyone. For first-year students, our Advising Center provides one-on-one academic planning and advising, to help create individualized paths to success for our learners.

Come see why NSCC is YOUR community's college. For more information, please visit or call NSCC Admissions today at 419.267.1320.

Swanton Area Chamber of Commerce in Swanton, Ohio

We are dedicated to:

  • The promotion and growth of our member businesses
  • Providing value-added services to our members
  • Retaining our small-town atmosphere and lifestyle

Of the thousands of books written about how to succeed in business not one suggests that you can do so entirely on your own.  They say you need a network of people, products, services, resources, information and support.  In the Swanton community, that network is the Swanton Area Chamber of Commerce!

And if you are looking for a place for your business - look no further than Swanton.